Vote Yes on Measure A

Argument in Favor of Measure A: Open Space, Parks, Trails and the Environment:
We are fortunate to enjoy beautiful open breathtaking vistas, parks, trails and unique natural areas right here in our own unique corner of Humboldt County. From city parks to our world-renowned Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Community Forest, and open spaces, we are preserving a legacy for our children and grandchildren. They ensure protected natural areas and access to local trails.

As much of this land is now passing from one generation to the next, we have a rare opportunity to preserve it. Land that needs protection includes forest lands, prime agricultural lands and critical habitat areas.

Land competition, speculation and the prospect of urban encroachment threaten our open spaces more than ever. As we deal with the significant economic impacts of COVID, this ballot measure can play an important role in our city’s recovery efforts by keeping our area a desirable and attractive place to live, work and play. If enacted, this measure will significantly contribute toward permanently preserving and maintaining lands in and adjacent to the city for important recreational and cultural values, habitat, natural resource, and water quality. Coming out of the COVID crisis we need to focus not only on the immediate issues at hand, but also on preserving the beauty, vitality and desirability of our area for the long term.

This measure is structured so the resulting revenues will be reserved for only open space, parks, trails, fish and wildlife habitat protection and enhancement.

The passage of this measure will provide a reliable source of funding that will allow Arcata to protect develop and maintain natural resources such as forested hillsides, wetlands and streams, as well as recreation areas and agricultural lands now and into the future.

The Arcata City Council unanimously endorses this ballot measure.
Please join us in voting YES on Measure A.